All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA, a completely different type of Europe based organization formed by expatriate Bangladeshi community. This is the first interstate, non-political and non-profitable organization for one million Bangladeshis living in different countries in European Union (EU). Since its inception, All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA rendered continued and voluntary services to the Bangladeshis trapped in dangers in different countries of Europe. AEBA played the most dominant role in 2013 in Greece when the owner of a strawberry farm in the countryside caused indiscriminate firing at the innocent Bangladeshi workers. We also roared our voice putting our shoulders to the shoulders of international human rights organizations. We took all the necessary steps immediately from Paris as the headquarters of AEBA is located there. We submitted memorandum to the Greek Embassy in Paris with a demand of legalizing the injured Bangladeshi workers through sanctioning ‘stay permit’ alongside to providing them proper compensation and punishment of the accused farm owner. At the same time from Paris, AEBA Secretary General raised the issue in a meeting with the designated officials of European Commission at Brussels and they assured to consider the issue as ‘priority’ concern. Since the President of AEBA is the celebrated personality of Bangladesh community in Greece, he also did his best efforts to help the injured-maltreated Bangladeshis in Greece. Eventually, the government of Greece legalized the injured Bangladeshis on sixth month. All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA shares its joy and happiness with them in this connection.

The AEBA leaders candidly utilized their respective experience and competences with optimum level of commitment to uphold the Bangladeshi heritage and culture abroad. They have efficiently done the job of ‘image building’ of Bangladesh abroad maintaining deep relationship with the senior most designated officials of the administration of different countries. The AEBA leaders have also been working relentlessly to guide the new generation properly in the search of their roots. Many Bangladeshis have got employment with their unconditional assistance, at the same time many irregular Bangladeshi migrants received the highest level of assistance from us. AEBA leaders are also working to connect the enthusiastic Bangladeshis with professional institutes of the different countries of Europe for developing them as skilled, professional and productive human resource. We have also provided assistance with our best effort in the respective countries in different charity activities of the community as including sending the dead bodies of demised Bangladeshis succumbing normal death. All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA, an organization of bringing transformation in Europe, has been working in protecting interests of the expatriates on the basis of effective communication between the government of Bangladesh and the administration of different countries in Europe. At the same time, the AEBA leaders are actively participating in the movements against racism in different countries of Europe. In addition to the community development, All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA is a successful stakeholder of the development of Bangladesh.

In the post Rana-Plaza tragedy period, the Ready Made Garments industry of Bangladesh was prone to be at the risk the large market of Europe. At that time, strong lobbying was exerted from the AEBA Head Office in Paris with the senior management of European Commission and European Parliament in Brussels as including in France and Germany to protect the sake of this main export sector of Bangladesh. When it was at the preparatory stage to put embargo on the duty-free access of Bangladeshi goods in European market, at that time AEBA Secretary General had a formal meeting with the concerned officer of the European Union and urged an appeal in support of our stand. Due to the earnestness of AEBA leaders, the lawful demands of the expatriates have already been documented in the Prime Minister’s office in Dhaka, even in Bangabhaban, the office of the Hon’ble President of the republic of Bangladesh. Though our activities were confined within Europe, the expatriate Bangladeshis residing all around the world are reached our message through networking. During AEBA Secretary General’s visit in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand & Brazil, the community leaders of those countries expressed their consensus with the advancement of AEBA and stresses importance on working together across the world in the wavy way of claiming and establishing lawful rights of the expatriates. All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA has hosted the 1st Global Bangladesh Summit in Kuala Lumpur on the 19th and the 20th of November in 2016. To sum up, All European Bangladesh Association – AEBA is certainly moving ahead in the way of the implementation of the goals and objectives set forth at its founding period.

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